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Choir Nation Music Directors

As Murray and I developed the concept behind Choir Nation, we knew the importance of finding Music Directors who would bring the right blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and fun to our clients’ rehearsals and performances. Not only that, but our music directors also arrange the songs that our choirs (along with their accompanying artist) select.

Music Directors have a huge role to play in Choir Nation, and we are thrilled to have our five incredibly talented music directors: Mike Evin (@MikeEvin), Robbie Grunwald (@rgrunwal), Sarah Jerrom (@sarahjerrom), Alex Smaras (@ofSamaras) and Jacqueline Teh (@JacqTeh).

This group of MDs brings a wealth of experience to the job, including arranging, songwriting, performing and directing choirs.

Read our Choir Nation music director bios.

Music Directors on Choir Nation

Rather than us telling you about what you can expect from our music directors, we went straight to the source to ask them about why Choir Nation is a fit for them, and what you can expect from rehearsals.

Mike Evin:

“Everyone can benefit from singing and making music! I’m drawn to Choir Nation because it gives people (who might otherwise have given up on the hope of doing some cool music) the chance to make music in a fun way and bond with their colleagues. The “musician’s secret” is out – music is ALL about the hang.”

Sarah Jerrom:

“I’m really struck by the concept of choral singing as a corporate team building tool. Singing is a powerful enrichment of life and choral singing brings individuals together in a unique musical experience, as a team. Exposure to choral singing through Choir Nation will uplift individual employees, cultivate culture in and of the company itself and enrich culture the surrounding communities (as exposure to the arts always does).   

Rehearsals will be both fun and focused. We’ll work on relaxing and aligning the body and voice, listening and singing in the group as ‘one voice,’ and learning and preparing fun songs/arrangements for their big performances!”

Our music directors are just one unique way that Choir Nation works with companies to create a fun and inspirational team building experience for their employees!

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