How Choir Nation Works

Choir Nation puts your employees into choirs, pairs each choir with a celebrated Canadian musician, rehearses them with one of our Musical Directors, and then has them perform (with the musician) at your company’s events.

Central to the team-building experience of Choir Nation is the rehearsal process – choirs meet once a week with a professional Musical Director to practice the songs, bond with each other, and have a great time singing!

In addition to being enjoyable for participants (and entertaining for spectators), choir singing is a powerful team-building element to add to your company’s events.

What We Offer

Here’s how you can add choir singing to your corporate events:

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bridge the arts and business communities by providing an opportunity for Canadian employees and Canadian musicians to collaborate in a fun, unique and rewarding manner.

Choir Nation donates 6% of all profits between three exceptional music-related charities:

Momentum Choir
Unison Benevolent Fund