“An Evening With Choir Nation” is an unforgettable event for your company:

  • Identify employees who want to sing in a choir. Arrange these employees into three choirs.
  • Each choir then chooses a celebrated musician they want to sing and perform with. Choirs can choose from musicians listed on the Choir Nation website, but are also free to choose any ‘dream’ musician from Canada they want. Choir Nation confirms availability until every choir is paired with a musician.
  • Each choir rehearses FOUR SONGS – two covers, and two of the musician’s original songs. The choirs choose the covers and the musician chooses the originals.
  • For six weeks (once a week) leading up to the concert, the choirs rehearse those four songs with a Choir Nation ‘Musical Director’ (but not the musician).
  • After six weeks of rehearsals, the choirs perform a concert at a live music venue complete with professional sound and lighting. This concert is open to friends, families and co-workers of the participants. The client company is given all the tickets to the event to give out as they see fit.
  • Participating employees receive t-shirts, photos of the event, CDs of the musicians they perform with, and access to a professionally recorded, mixed, and edited video of the concert.