Mendelt D. Hoekstra

Chief Executive Music Director

Mendelt D. Hoekstra has been performing music since he was 6 years old. A multi-instrumentalist (including accordion!), his passion for music is evident to all who see him perform. In Vancouver, he busked his way to a Music Therapy Degree from Capilano University. He is currently a Music Therapist in the Niagara Region, specializing in the support of adults who live with a disability.

Mendelt has received multiple awards, most recently, the prestigious 2016 YMCA Peace Medallion and the City of St. Catharines 2017 Arts in Education award. He is the originator, Executive and Artistic Director of Momentum Choir, the first choir system of its kind in North America. He regularly presents at conferences and is often asked to speak, representing those who have difficulty speaking for themselves.

Mendelt was part of Choir Nation’s inaugural benefit show and throughly enjoyed jamming with Devin Cuddy, Sarah Jerrom and Murray Foster for the Canada 150 event. As a co-owner, Mendelt brings a unique style of public performing with a creative skill to involve all interested (and some who don’t know they are interested yet) to the choir experience.