Choir Break

Choir Nation is excited to offer ‘Choir Break’, for clients who are interested in trying out a choir singing session with one of our music directors at their office during lunch break. It’s an excellent way to break up the work day, or a great way to end the work week on a Friday afternoon.

  • Employees choose a song they want to sing at least a week in advance of the Choir Break session.
  • On the day of Choir Break, the employees meet in a large space in their office and spend an hour and a half with a Choir Nation “Musical Director,” who does some warm-up exercises and then teaches them the arrangement (as well as giving them tips on proper singing technique).
  • Following the rehearsal, the employees perform the song for their co-workers at a pre-arranged time and place. The rehearsals and/or performance can also take place outside of the office building (as a form of ‘flash mob’) as a way to showcase your employees’ talents to those passing by.
  • Additional services such as professional photographers and videographers are available upon request.

Choir Break sessions include an accompanist on guitar or piano and start at $750 (+HST) and are priced depending on the number of attendees.