Choir Nation Named a Top Way to Celebrate Canada 150

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There’s nothing more Canadian than coming together for a good cause, and that’s just what Choir Nation is doing. Although our Canada 150 Celebration passed on Wed., June 28, the fun and excitement of Choir Nation will continue all summer long and year-round. In fact, Choir Nation is such a unique, rewarding and distinctly Canadian company that it was recently named one of 91 incredible ways to celebrate Canada 150 by Flight Network, Canada’s leading online global travel agency.

Choir Nation is a Canadian owned and operate company that brings friends, families and strangers together through music. Their artists, including David Cuddy and Murray Foster, perform a number of classic songs by Canadian artists, like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The director teaches the crowd their vocal parts, creating a choir for the artists on stage. Choir Nation can be used as a team-building event for businesses, family bonding experience or even as a fun-filled evening with friends.
What the travel experts at Flight Network found so interesting about Choir Nation is that it is a Canadian-owned company that operates with Canadian employees and Canadian musicians. Six percent of all of the profits made are divided among the Momentum Choir, MusiCounts and Unison Benevolent Fund charities to keep music alive and thriving across this vast country. It’s a company that focuses on putting Canada, its people and its culture first. The Choir Nation Canada 150 Celebration was held at the end of June, but those who are interested in our company’s services can celebrate Canada with us at any time of year.

In honour of the Canada 150 celebrations, we curated a list of our 150 favourite Canadian songs on Spotify. Give it a listen:

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