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Reviews & Ovations

“Choir Nation was an amazing experience and a fun way to get involved in the community and support an important cause. Even though many of the participants didn’t have experience singing in front of a crowd, the Choir Nation team coached us up and by the time we got on stage everyone felt confident. I would definitely encourage others to sign up and experience their Rockstar Moment!” – Insurance professional, Benefit Show participant

“Bringing Choir Nation to our workplace proved to be an excellent platform to elevate staff and volunteer engagement, celebrate the end of a busy fiscal year, and generally de-stress. The event was promoted as a “mystery wellness event” – participants found out what they were doing only when they arrived.

Initially there was some hesitance, however within a very short time, everyone was smiling, laughing and singing. At the end of our session, the choir performed for our residents and their loved ones, and for staff who were working. It was very well-received and brought much joy to their day. Thank you Choir Nation for this amazing opportunity!
-Kelly Vlaar, Hospice Niagara Staff Member

Harmonies for Health

Goodman School of Business Brock University