“When I think about my experience with Choir Nation, I smile. If someone had told me that I would be singing for two hours I would have said “no way.”

But sing I did! And I am left feeling optimistic, happy and encouraged. Under Sarah’s enthusiastic and skilled guidance, anyone can sing AND enjoy it. Thank you Choir Nation for a terrific experience!”
Deborah Eke, Board Member

Choir Nation provided us with an exciting adventure. In just two hours our group of 30 staff and volunteers, many with little to no singing experience, morphed into a beautiful choir. It was a magical experience! I could sense the unexpected delight from both the choir and our audience. I look forward to having further experiences with Choir Nation.

June-Etta Chenard, Hospice Niagara Volunteer
“My experience with Choir Nation was uplifting! It was a fantastic team building activity with no place for judgment or feeling intimidated. Thank you for sharing the power of music!” Victoria Bonato, Staff Member
“Bringing Choir Nation to our workplace proved to be an excellent platform to elevate staff and volunteer engagement, celebrate the end of a busy fiscal year, and generally de-stress. The event was promoted as a “mystery wellness event” – participants found out what they were doing only when they arrived. Initially there was some hesitance, however within a very short time, everyone was smiling, laughing and singing. At the end of our session, the choir performed for our residents and their loved ones, and for staff who were working. It was very well-received and brought much joy to their day. Thank you Choir Nation for this amazing opportunity! Kelly Vlaar, Hospice Niagara Staff Member