The Choir Nation Playlist Vol 1

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Hello everyone!

Murray and I feel incredibly lucky to have agreement from so many amazing Canadian musicians to be a part of our roster – For me personally, as a huge music fan, regular concert-goer (until becoming a dad in October last year), and someone who can spend hours in music stores looking for new music to add to my 800+ strong CD collection, the opportunity to work alongside so many great musicians is a dream come true.

One thing about music I have always loved is putting the right mix of music together whether it be back in the day of mixed tapes, then mixed CDs and now more recently playlists on Spotify. I have spent several very fun hours putting together some of my favourite songs from the artists on our roster. If you have 4 hours and 3 minutes where you don’t know what do exactly, problem solved!

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for your favourites too!

Click here for the link to our playlist. If you like it, you should buy it! We will be appreciative and our roster will be appreciative!

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