Murray Foster

Co-Founder and CEO

Murray Foster has been a professional musician for almost twenty-five years. As a founding member of the Toronto band Moxy Fruvous, Murray played over two thousand shows in North America and Europe and sold half a million records. As the bass player for Great Big Sea since 2002, Murray played another thousand shows and recorded five gold records.

An honours graduate in English from the University of Toronto, Murray is a wearer of many hats: he is a Professor of Songwriting at Seneca College, starred in a production of Toronto Noire at the Summerworks Festival, and is the Executive Director of a non-profit community organization called Our Place Initiative. 2015 saw the theatrical release of a feature film he wrote, directed, co-produced and scored called “The Cocksure Lads Movie.” He is also a founding member of the City of Toronto’s Music Advisory Council.

As a musician himself, Murray is keenly aware of the serious financial situation most musicians face today. Choir Nation is his way of providing musicians with a way to get paid to do the work they love.