Choir Clubs

Choir Nation’s weekly choirs provides an opportunity for people who love to sing to come together and share some great moments with friends, family members and new friends you will make through the process. It’s about having an opportunity to connect with others and the local community while working with our incredible choir directors.

The choirs are 12 week seasons that our members join for the duration. During this time, the choir will work collaboratively with our choir directors as you develop a repertoire and work on beautiful arrangements of your favourite pop and rock songs. Our choirs will also have the opportunity to sing with our children’s choir, Tomorrow’s Voices, and we will seek opportunities to sing locally at sporting and community/fundraising events.

"From the moment I hesitantly walked by myself into the room on the first evening, I felt like I belonged. The friendly faces that warmly greeted me and initiated immediate conversations helped me to overcome the initial fear and anxiety that I was feeling. My fears were based on not knowing anyone and not having any real singing experience or skill. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew once that first session had finished that the program was exactly what I was looking for."
Choir Club Participant